Thanks for your interest in TV!  We'd be excited if you tested out Pluot equipment for yourself.  We really appreciate your time.  

Quick heads up, so you are happy:  

  • Use a TV or monitor that supports 1920 x 1080 input
  • Chrome required.  To wirelessly present to your TV, you need to use Chrome.  Also, your remote colleagues – and you, if you're joining on a computer – need to open meeting links in Chrome.  
  • Ethernet necessary for hardware.  We are happy to share our data.  What our logging reflects is that even excellent Wifi can't support live video calls.  We do have a Wifi option, for emergency backup, but we can't guarantee a good experience.  
  • Return the hardware to cancel.  No problem if you have to cancel your TV service. We understand things change, or we may not be a fit!  You must return the complete, undamaged TV equipment in order to cancel.   
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