Daily.co TV hardware & Daily.co are used around the world.  (We have international dial-in. Please note we previously were known as Pluot TV, thanks!)


  • It's free software.  You can use Daily.co free on any computer.  You just open a meeting link in your Chrome browser.  There are no shipping fees 😀


  • Daily.co TV is a plug-n-play kit for conference room TVs.  It's everything you need, in one easy package, to set your TV up with video calls & wireless presentations.  
  • Free shipping & returns in the US for up to 2 hardware systems. Please contact us for a shipping quote for multiple systems. We ship from SF, California.  Delivery to the East Coast takes est. 5-7 business days.  
  • International shipping:  we ship worldwide.  Please note we require an annual subsription to ship internationally. The customer pays for shipping & duties. Daily.co pays for any return shipping & duties.  Email help@daily.co for a shipping estimate.    
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