Your Pluot TV should show a 6-letter screen code in the lower right corner. It allows you to put your video call on your TV, or remote control your TV in general.  

I don't see any 6 letters in my TV's bottom right corner  

  • Do you see any Pluot logos or messages on your screen?  If not, check these things:  (1) your TV is on and (2) it's on the right HDMI.  
  • Chat with us or email if you still have problems

Why is my screen code not recognized?

Are you getting this error, and you're 100% certain you entered the screen code correctly?

  • That means the Pluot box probably lost its network connection, at some point. 
  • Try rebooting your box. 
  • To reboot, you can just unplug the power cord and wait 5 seconds. Or press the power button off then on.  Your box lights should go off, and then flash blue when your Pluot TV reboots.  
  • Now, try the new screen code shown after the reboot. 


  • Still having problems after you rebooted?  It might be a faulty HDMI cable.  Please contact us! 

Talk to our Pluot team - we're ready to help! Chat with us during PST business hours, or email 

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