Dialing out to someone is a feature for only Pluot Pro hardware users. When your Pluot Pro TV is in a meeting, click on the "Call" button in the controller menu.

Enter the person's phone number and click on the green "Dial" button. Once the person joins with their phone, you can continue to call others in one at a time. 


  • The phone number will appear as a San Francisco number on the person's phone. 
  • If the phone call disconnects right away when they answer the phone could be because the person on the phone didn't talk right away. If our system thinks it reached an answering machine it will disconnect. Please instruct the person on the phone to say something like "hello" right away and try again. 
  • You can call unlimited amounts of users into the meeting using the dial-out. You just have to call one person at a time. 
  • Dial-out works for international numbers. Just remember to add the country code before the phone number. 
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