Your Pluot TV is set up and ready?  Awesome - here's some quick info.  Everything below is part of your team's having Pluot TV.  

  • There are no additional charges, for anything here. 
  • There are no "user fees" or "seat licenses" or "host licenses."  Use your Pluot TV as much as you want, with anyone.    

Quickly get a meeting link, on any computer. (You don't have be in your conference room, or in front of your TV, to create a link in seconds.)  Just share this link as your invite.  


Here's how to join on your Pluot TV, if you have a meeting link.  


Not in front of your TV?  Join a meeting on your computer.  This is how your remote colleague will join. No logins, no downloads. They just click.  


Wirelessly screen share.  Already in a meeting?  How to screen share in your video call.  You also can screen share, even if you're not in a video call.  First-time, you'll be asked to quickly get the extension.    
With Pluot TV, you can call out to someone.  Or, your colleagues can dial-in.  Both are unlimited, no additional charges for your team.

PRO STUFF to make your workflow even easier 🕵️‍♀️

  • Google Calendar.  After you've installed the Chrome extension, you can add links instantly in Google Calendar 
  • Get support:  We are here to help. You can always talk to us, or schedule support for a key meeting.  Click on the chat button in the lower right, 9 am - 5 pm PST.  Or email  Cheers!
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