In seconds you can get a Pluot meeting link, on any computer, anytime.   

1.  Go to  
2.  Just click the green button   

You can create a meeting link ahead of time. Each link is unique & never expires, so you can get a link before a scheduled meeting. You also can reuse a link as much (or as little!) as you want.  

Screen shots

1.  Go to in a web browser. 

2. Click on the green "CREATE YOUR MEETING LINK NOW" button. Each link you get is unique & never expires. 

3. Now click on the "Copy Link" button. 

4. The meeting link is copied to your clipboard. Share the link in an email, calendar invite, text, or any chat tool you use. 

  • If you are in Chrome you can join the meeting right away by clicking on the purple "JOIN YOUR MEETING NOW" button. 
  • Anyone can join this call from their computer (using Chrome) or with a Pluot TV.
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