1. To connect your Pluot hardware to ethernet all you have to do is plug in the ethernet cable (you can find one under the Jabra speaker) into the back of the box. 
  2. Check the back of the box and verify if you see one or two small lights next to the ethernet connection. If the ethernet cable is live, you should see these lights. 
  3. Now restart the box
  4. During the bootup phase you should see a message on the bottom right-hand side of the screen that says "Checking network, ethernet connection" followed by a green "Success, your Pluot is connected!" message. 

Why isn't my Ethernet working? 

If you don't see the ethernet messages on the TV and the box connects to WiFi, it probably means the ethernet port isn't "live." 

Suggestion:  A quick test is to plug the cable into a laptop to confirm you can access the Internet. Sometimes an Ethernet cable hasn't been turned on.   Please contact your IT or team ops, and ask the port be turned on.  .

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