Daily.co lets up to two people simultaneously share their screen in any meeting room. To get started with screen sharing, just follow the steps below.

  • Just like a standard video call, screen sharing requires you to use the Chrome browser. Currently Chrome is the only supported browser. More support coming soon!
  • Click on the Share screen button in the bottom left corner of the interface.
  • Make sure you have the Daily.co Chrome Extension installed — the extension enables the screen sharing feature. Click the button to start a screen share and simply click Add Extension in the popup. It can also be added manually from the Chrome Web Store.
  • You will then be presented with a popup to either share your entire desktop (if you have multiple monitors you can pick which display to share) or a specific application window.

Pro-tip: To share a slide deck (i.e. PowerPoint or Keynote) presentation, be sure you share your entire desktop.

You can end the screen sharing session in several ways: 

  • The Stop button in the lower left.
  • The Stop sharing button in the top right.
  • The blue Stop sharing button in the popup the Chrome browser creates.

Pro-tip: The Chrome popup can be repositioned anywhere on your screen — giving you quick access to end your screen share.

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