No download is a key feature for your calls. Just click your meeting link. 

Here's a little workaround to make your clicks even faster.  By adding an "autojoin" argument to the end of a meeting link, you further bypass the join page. 

Heads up - the autojoin version of your link only opens on computers! 

Usually, when you click on a meeting link, you see our join page. 

  • Computers can bypass this join page! Add '?autojoin=t' to the end of your meeting link.
  • Like this:  [you] 

👀CAUTION:  the autojoin version of links does NOT open on phones

Phones, dial-in and autojoin 

To clarify, your call does have free dial-in in 25+ countries. However, a mobile user can't open the autojoin version of a link. Instead, phone guests need to click on the standard version of your link, to quickly tap the dial-in number. (Or they can just manually dial-in.)

👉 The autojoin version of your link only can be clicked on computers. 

Autojoin steps 

  1. Get a meeting link at 
  2. Add "?autojoin=t" at the end of your link 
  3. Just click on the autjoin link on a computer, and you go straight into your video call. 

🤔 Remember to share the standard version of your link if guests are clicking on their phones, for dial-in! 

Email or chat with us, 9 am - 5 pm PST (GMT -8). Cheers!

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