Your Pluot video calls are free, on any computer.    

  • It's free to start & join a Pluot call on a computer.  

Dead simple billing, aka really free 

Our goal is for Pluot calls to be dead simple.  So we did away with billing clutter.  

  • No "seat licenses" or "host fees"
  • No meeting time limits
  • Send your Pluot room link to anyone 

How Pluot's free for you, and how we make money 

We're really interested in building a solution – and company – that makes sense.  The product market fit that immediately appealed to us was a balance:  keep Pluot meetings free to join on a computer, so we don't throw up barriers to people connecting together. 

Where we charge is our hardware.  Pluot TV is an affordable, plug-n-play system for conference room TVs.  

  1. Use Pluot whenever & wherever, on any computer free
  2. Send us your feedback.  We'd love to hear from you!   

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