Hello, from everybody at Pluot! Thanks for your time. 

Pluot is really easy video calls & screen sharing.  

  • Just click to start & join calls 
  • Send a meeting link to anyone, anywhere  
  • Join how you like – free on a computer & dial-in, or with Pluot TV for conference rooms 

Our goal is for your video calls & screen shares to be dead simple. We think it should be easy to talk to anyone, anywhere.  
In seconds, you should be able to reach out to anyone in the world. To be creative, to grow your team, it should be easy to talk & share. 🙌  We're excited to support you and your team. 

We ourselves are distributed, and use Pluot all the time 😀  We currently are headquartered in San Francisco's Inner Sunset, above one of the city's best bookshops.  Pluot participated in Y Combinator during the 2015/16 winter class, and we now enable meetings across the globe.   

  1. Use Pluot anytime, with anyone
  2. Tell us what features you'd like! 

We'd love if you gave a meeting a try, and let us know what you think, so we can keep improving Pluot, for everyone. 

Kwin, Pluot CEO & the entire Pluot team

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