If you're setting up your Daily.co TV for the first time, follow these steps to get up and running fast.

  1. Wait to plug in the power cord to your Daily.co TV. The system will power on and start the boot process once the power cord is plugged in — it won't be able to boot properly until your camera and microphone/speaker are plugged in. Don't worry if you do power it on first! You'll just need to reboot your Daily.co TV.
  2. Plug the camera into one USB slot and the microphone/speaker into the second USB slot. Make sure the cables are properly seated in the USB slots.
  3. Plug in your ethernet cable. Make sure you hear/feel the ethernet cable click into the slot.
  4. Plug in the display cable(s). Your Daily.co TV comes with two display cables: an HDMI–HDMI cable and a Mini DisplayPort–HDMI cable. In case you didn't know, your Daily.co TV supports 2 displays! If you only need one display, you are free to use either cable. Your Daily.co TV doesn't care which single cable you use — pick the one that makes you happiest! 😃
  5. Turn on your Daily.co TV. Lights on the front indicate it's on. Give it a minute or two to fully boot up. You'll see our interface with the TV code you will use to control your Daily.co TV once it has fully booted.

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