Thanks for considering us for your conference room.  

We're excited to tell you what TV can do for your team.  We also think, at the end of the day, it's up to you.  

We recommend to interested customers that they ask for a free trial of any conference room solution they're considering.  We'd be glad if you tried TV, on us, free for 30 days.  

Note - we previously were known as Pluot TV, and just rebranded to TV. Thanks for your patience!

How your FREETRIAL works

  • Use the code FREETRIAL at checkout.  (Remember to hit "apply" for the code to kick in!)
  • You'll enter your credit card, as we keep a credit card on file whenever we ship out hardware 
  • You're charged $0 when you place your order
  • You have 30 days of TV free.  Actually, you have 36 days 😀  We add in some extra days, to allow for shipping. 

What happens when your trial ends:

  • At the end of 30 days, if you like to stay on as a paying TV customers, wonderful.  We'll charge your credit card your one-time hardware fee, and begin your monthly subscription, too. 
  • Don't way to stay on?  We're sorry to see you go, but no problem!  Simply return all the equipment we sent you.  (To cancel your subscription, at any time, you must return the TV equipment.)  

That's how it works.   We'd love to talk to you, but you don't even have to chat with us to start a free trial.  

Questions?  Chat with us 9 am - 5 pm PST, or email  Thank you for your time!  

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