Most conference room solutions include a prohibitive, up-front equipment purchase. We instead offer the equipment as a service. Our customers pay a one-time non-refundable hardware fee of $150, and a monthly service fee of $50.

You can cancel that service anytime. To cancel your subscription, you need to return the equipment:  

  • Please return the complete, undamaged hardware system:  the box, Logitech cam, Jabra speaker/mic & all cables:  HDMI cable (blue sticker), Mini DisplayPort cable (red sticker), and USB extension cable (yellow sticker).  Don't worry if the stickers aren't on your cables. The colors just are to help you identify them. 
  • You will be charged for any missing components, including missing cables. Thanks for checking this. The cost for replacing an entire system is $750.  
  • Put the entire system back into its original black box, and package them in the original cardboard or other appropriate shipper. Note: FedEx will not ship the black box by itself! 
  • Attach the return label and either drop it off at a FedEx location or schedule a pickup with FedEx online.
  • During the returns process, your billing is on hold. Please return your TV system within 21 days, or we will resume billing. Once we receive your hardware, we cancel your billing.  

We change this return policy at our discretion, so please contact us with any questions.  You can always reach us at, or click the chat icon in the lower right corner.  Thanks!

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