The lights on the front of your TV indicate what it's doing:

  • Blue: your TV is booting up
  • Purple: your TV is in standby. It's booted & ready for a wireless presentation or meeting.
  • Green: you're in a meeting. 
  • Orange: it's turning off

Booting up:  moving

The moving blue light indicates the box is booting up. 

  • When you plug in the power cord, your TV automatically boots up. 
  • Is your cord plugged in and the box if off?  Then you also can just touch and release the power button. 

Above: The blue light will travel back and forth until it has booted up.

Standby screen, AKA quiescent: purple 

  • Standby means your TV has booted up. Now it's just waiting for you to put it into a meeting, or screen share. It's on standby. (We also refer to this as your "quiescent screen.") 
  • When it's in standby mode, your TV will display a blue waves background. Also, in the lower right, you'll see the 6-letter screen code.   
  • You should see a larger purple pulsing light on the front of the box.

In meeting: green 

When the TV is in a meeting or wireless screen share, you'll see a large green pulsing light.

  • When you exit from the meeting, the light will change from the green back to the purple pulse.

Turning off the box: orange, then no light 

  • If you need to turn off the box, touch and release the power button. 
  • An orange light, moving across the entire front of the box, means the box is about to turn off. 
  • Once the box has turned off, there will be no lights on the front of the box. 

Powered off

  • When the box is turned off, and the power supply plugged in, there are no lights displayed on the front of the box 

Reminder:  Anytime you plug the power cable into the box, it boots up automatically. You'll see the blue moving light, and you soon should be ready to go!  

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