Thanks for putting your box on Ethernet.  

Your TV box is new to your network. Your network might require that new devices get permission, before accepting the kind of Internet data that TV needs!

  • A device on your network has to do 2 things - be able to get online (get a DHCP address), and also be allowed to accept Internet traffic of different kinds. These are 2 separate things. It's not enough to plug your box into Ethernet.
  • Specifically, on top of Ethernet, your box needs to be allowed to get/send UDP traffic.
  • To fix this, you may need to whitelist your MAC address.  

Quick tip: when you're in a coffee shop, or hotel room or flight, you may get a pop-up window in order to let you onto the network. This is a "captive portal" – a classic example of being able to get a DHCP address, but not being allowed to get/send all Internet traffic.  ☕️  🏨  ✈️  

How to whitelist your Pluot device

  • Contact us to get your MAC address. Takes a few seconds on our end.
  • Then, your IT person needs to whitelist this MAC address. Your network then will recognize the address, and grant the network permissions it needs!

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