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Bandwidth is a key issue:  on a video call, you're exchanging live video. That can be tough. It's even more demanding than, say, watching a movie, which can be buffered. How much bandwidth depends on how many people are in your call. Here's how we've built Daily, to help you get the best experience possible:

4 and fewer in your call

  • When 4 or fewer are in your call, Daily is peer-to-peer
  • You can read our blog post, to walk through how your p2p call is set up
  • 200 kbps per connection is required, for a p2p call 

More than 4 in a call 

We're big fans of p2p.  Setting up the p2p connections, between every person, requires bandwidth, though. This gets onerous the more people in the call!  

When more than 4 people join a call, your call switches to a cloud meeting. 

  • After the switch from p2p to cloud, a Daily client only needs 200kb/s upstream in total, no matter how many participants are in the meeting, and needs about 75 kb/s per participant downstream for each participant that is sending video. 
  • So in a 10-participant meeting, you need about 200kb/s upstream and about 750kb/s downstream. 
  • In a 50-participant meeting with everyone sending video, you'd need about 3.5Mb/s. 

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