Thanks for checking out Daily! It's our big new update – all your Pluot call features, now on your own custom URL. Like 

Daily is totally free, like Pluot on computers. It keeps Pluot's core features, and adds new ones:

  • Like Pluot, it's 50 person calls, free dial-in, dual screen shares 
  • NEW:  choose a domain, customize meeting link invites, lock rooms, set up a team

Daily URLs vs Pluot links 

As you know, Pluot links look like this:

  • Pluot links were a string of letters

With Daily, you now have 2 choices: 

  • Instant links  -  no account needed to create or join a link.  This is a lot like the old Pluot links.  We create a random, unique link for you.  We made them more fun 😀 
  • Custom links  -  no account needed to join a link.  Here's the big change.  You can sign up to own a link name, which you choose.  Like

Daily is still no download!  Your guests always simply click on the link to join. You just have an account to be able to claim the URL you want, lock it, or make it team-only.  

Pluot link support 

  • Your Pluot links will continue to work.  For the foreseeable future, you will be able to join a Pluot meeting link.  
  • We will be phasing out creating new Pluot links over the next few weeks

What to do 

Get live help, 9 am - 5 pm PT. Or email Thanks for your time! 

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