With Daily, you easily set up your own video call URL.  It's on daily.co, like https://your-name.daily.co

In the future, we'll support any domain. That will only work for for people who have control over their own DNS.

In the meantime, here's something that will work:

  • There's a really neat service -- http://redirect.name/ -- that lets you set up an HTTP redirect using only DNS records. 
  • Using redirect.name, you can set up http://something.domain.xyz to redirect to https://your-domain.daily.co/a-room
  • You can set up as many of those redirects as you want to (you just need to be able to add CNAME and TXT records to your DNS. 
  • The only slightly less than optimal thing is that the redirecting URL can only be http, not https.

Happy workaround : )   Ping us anytime with questions.  Email help@daily.co or chat with us PST hours. Thanks!

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