When you sign up for Daily, your URL comes with 1 free room.

To get unlimited rooms, you need to refer someone, or set up a team:

  • Copy & share your referral link
  • Your friend/colleague needs to sign up, with your invite link 
  • Then, you get unlimited rooms, free  

Step 1:   click the "Unlock unlimited rooms" card to the left, to copy your referral link.

Step 2:  send this to someone.  Once your referral signs up for Daily, then you get unlimited rooms.  

  • "Unlock unlimited meeting rooms" will be crossed out in your dashboard. 
  • Go ahead and create as many rooms as you like.  
  • Tip:  remember, rooms are public when you create them.  In this example, we lock one of the rooms. 

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How can we help?  

Email help@daily.co, or live chat with us 7 am - 7 pm PST.  Thanks! 

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