You can instantly add a Pluot meeting link directly in your Google Calendar events. This lets you effortlessly share a meeting link with your meeting participants. 

What you need 

  • You need to have the Pluot Chrome Extension (version 2.0) installed. 
  • If you've ever shared your screen in a Pluot meeting, you probably already have it. To see if you already have the extension, go to chrome://extensions/. Make sure the Pluot extension is enabled.
  • Need to install the extension? Download the extension now for Chrome. It takes a few seconds. 

How it works

1. Open your Google Calendar.

2. Create an event. 

3. In your event, click on the green button that says, “Add A Pluot Meeting Link."

4. You will now see a meeting link in the "Where" field. (The green button will now be grayed out since there’s already a meeting create. See below.)

5. Add guests and save the event.

6. On the day of the event, click on the invite, and there will be a clickable Pluot meeting link you and your guests can access.

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