It's easy to start a different meeting with your always on Pluot TV devices.  

I don't have a meeting link for my new meeting 

Heads up:  when you exited your meeting, a 30 second countdown starts.  You have 30 seconds to join another meeting. Otherwise, at the end of 30 seconds, your TV automatically goes back into the always-on meeting. 

I already have a meeting link

  • In a browser, click on your meeting link 
  • Just join the meeting on your TV.  (On the join page, enter the screen code on your TV.)
  • Your TV will then exit your always on, and join this new meeting

Tip:   when you're done with your meeting, just click "exit meeting."  Then don't do anything.  After 30 seconds, your box automatically will join its always-on linke

Heads up:  do not click "start a new meeting" during the countdown. Otherwise your TV will start a new meeting different from your always on link!  

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